Licia Torres

“Que pasa Phoenix?” Radio became part of me at the age of 19! I Started out answering the phone and editing PSAs for the PD at KDKB. Then one day a spot needed a tag update, (now showing). I was there and the salesperson begged me to please update the tag! Well, I had already learned my way around a production room, so I was happy to do it!

After that everything changed. I got an overnight shift at KZZP. After two years I quit. My goal was to work in major market radio. I got my chance at WJPC, Chicago. Followed by San Francisco radio at KMEL and Los Angeles where I worked at the Stevie Wonder owned radio station KJLH!

I love my career in radio. I once said, “I love this job so much, I would do it for free.” Guess what? My wish came true because I am now doing radio for free! Volunteering at KWSS is work that I enjoy because I love radio. I also have a high regard for alternative rock music and appreciate the independence our program director allows us.

Catch her middays from 10am-3pm every weekday!