The Alternative 93.9 FM KWSS is a Non-Commercial LPFM terrestrial broadcast station serving Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the surrounding west valley cities. KWSS serves the public through providing 12 hours per day of locally originated programming.  KWSS offers a diverse music format within the alternative indie rock genre.   KWSS brings Feature Story News and information to its listeners along with programs such as Democracy Now from the Pacifica Foundation, as well as several other locally produced informative radio programs. KWSS signed on the air January 2005. KWSS is a major supporter of the local arts and is constantly featuring events to help bring awareness to the local community. 

What is the mission of KWSS?
KWSS enriches people's media experience by offering alternative independent programming both music and news with a focus on localism. 

How do I make a song request? There are two ways:  Visit our home page and click on the KWSS Online Song Request link in the upper left side.  It allows a listener to browse our library and make a request that goes into a cue to be aired within 15 minutes.  You may also call 623-888-6091 for music inquiries, and requests.  We will do our best to return your call.

How do I get airplay for my band? Musicians may submit only one mp3 song track for radio play consideration. Please verify that lyrics are free from profanity and obscene content.  Music must be relative to the KWSS format of independent, pop, alternative rock genres.  Other genres that do not fit the Alt format will not be considered as it does not fit our format.  Please format music tracks as "Band Name - Song Title".  Failure to format the band-song name will cause music not to be considered. Do not send WAV files, do not add our email address to any newsletters or lists.  To start this process send us an email from the email form on the splash page with your band name in the subject line.  If the band/music appears to fit the format we will reply with further instructions for sending one mp3.

How do I or a business become a sponsor to receive on air mentions?  KWSS offers local businesses and organizations underwriting opportunities. By underwriting KWSS we will air your sponsor messages throughout our normal programming day to help bring market ad exposure to your business. Please contact us from the splash page email form or call us at 623-888-6091 for more information about sponsorship's.  We will send you a basic underwriting rate sheet.  Your messages will include your business name, what it is you are known for or services, location, telephone number and web URL. This will include an optional banner on the KWSS website. 

Whom should I contact with questions about my donation or thank-you gift? You may reach the KWSS staff from the splash page email form or call 623-888-6091.

Whom should I contact with comments about KWSS Programming? We always welcome and encourage feedback from listeners.  If you have programming comments, contact us from the splash page email form and put in the subject line programming you may also call the main line at 623-888-6091.

How do I learn more about your lineup of programs? Visit our schedule page on our website.

Where does KWSS get its funding?  The majority of KWSS's funding comes from local businesses, with a secondary source from program underwriting, and a small portion from listeners like you.  KWSS is a 501c3 and able to receive donations and in return offer services and a tax deduction.   

I've seen KWSS listed as a sponsor at concerts, events and festivals.   What does that mean? KWSS is pleased to provide media support to many events, shows, concerts, festivals and other arts organizations. As media sponsor of an event, KWSS provides the organization with on-air mentions of their events, often in return for an advertisement in the playbill and tickets to the event. 

2020 KWSS Radio (An Arizona 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation).